September 04, 2002


Can you miss nothing? Nothing that can be explained as something that cannot be defined into units or a collective of the units formed from what is known to us as everything? I do and I am at a loss to explain how.

It gets worse when you try and address the problem and find a solution to it. How do you address something that escapes any explanation? Would it be imaginary arcs made by a swooping arm in thin air? Would it be the feeling that you got on that morning when you woke up feeling on top of the world.

What is on top of the world? Does it mean standing on top of a largish sphere with our interpretation of the world painted on it? Or is is just an ego boost that falls apart the instant the first glimpses of shortcomings or failure pop up on the horizon of existence?

A naughty giggle behind the shoulder that dies down instantly, when you turn around, makes life amusing initially. Live with it for a month, amusement turns into intrigue, with time intrigue turns into irritation and pretty soon it becomes despair. A lifetime can have the whole world giggling at you. Do not look back, you won't find anything but silence there.

There is nothing there. You are imagining things. You cannot possibly miss truth. You cannot possibly miss happiness. You cannot possibly miss meanings. Everyone has one of their own. You cannot possibly miss nothing.

Another giggle.

Leave me alone. Will you?