August 28, 2002

Quo Vadis?

So where have I been? I have been everywhere but I have been nowhere. The weather is wonderful out here, if the sun is considerate enough to not make an unwelcome appearance for the day's duration. I should be out everywhere but I have gone nowhere.

What have I been saying? I have been talking precious little but I have been saying a lot, only if you had cared to listen. I am calmer, I am cribbing a lot less, I should be talking a lot more, instead conversations with silent words fill the air like polka dots. Yellow, black, black, yellow.......

Ask me who I am? After all these years I should have some idea about that. Between Casper the friendly ghost, the soulless and lost Frankenstein and a dozen other characters I cannot recall right now, I am no one and bits of all them in one.

I am packing my bags, I am going somewhere, where am I headed for? I do not know, in fact I am headed nowhere, still I have to pack for I might have to go, so everyday I make my plans for journeys that have no end and no beginning, I meet my imaginary travellers on an imaginary platform and we chug off an imaginary train through an imaginary mist to an imaginary destination.