August 30, 2002

Odds & Ends

The long list for the Guardian First Book Award is out here and yes Hari Kunzru's The Impressionist features in it. Since reading and I have gone separate ways now in a forever love-hate relationship, I have not had the chance to sample it. Anyone who do not take to the junta's rave-review fuelled oooh aaah opinions please do let me know how it is as a book. Things to note: Have not read even a single book on that list. Now why does that not surprise me. Oh yes, I liked Hari's site, good work old boy. It is quite refreshing.

Have you taken a liking to the new VIP Footloose ads on telly? Well, I am positively raving about it, God save my poor roommate who has to put up with me going on and on about it. I really do not know what stands out in the ads, the visual treatment or the music. Okay it is the music, the visuals come a close second. Asked all the people I know who did the music for it and no one knew for sure. Where does the average information starved Net junkie go in such a case? Google it mon ami!

Coming to the point, according to Agencyfaqs, the campaign was handled by HTA Mumbai and the music is based on a Punjabi folk song. It still leaves the question unanswered, who resampled it? A close friend tells me it is from the Buddha Bar compilation CD, I have not listened to that one yet, so I cannot tell you. If any of you have listened to both of the melodies under discussion here, notify immediately!

By the way I am quite in love with her. For the time being that is. Correction: Replace 'her' with 'Tu y yo'. Funny, she has a goofy blinking 'Om' as the cursor all over the site. Wonder why that is the case.