July 16, 2002


I am at work, surrounded by mugs of semi-decent tea
Want to write (badly) on something [yeah, the pun is intentional]
Nothing comes to my mind
Got a bad cold
I am feeling like a 5 year old
Feeling insulated from the outside world
Blocked nostrils scream no exit.

Hahahahaa....... if you have not barfed over those seven lines yet, God help you 'cause I would have if I were you. But then when you are down with your first ailment (be it even a stupid irritating cold) in almost a year, got to play it up folks.

Goodnight that will be all for today.By the way....... aaatchoooo!! excuse me again. Where is that goddamn hanky?

I am delirious. Haahahahahhaha.

• I want to make funny faces at the security chap sitting outside. Stick my tongue out at him.
• Want to go raging into the night screaming "Ring a ring of roses" to the non existent ghosts out there
• Should remember to thank all the people who have done nothing for me in advance, in case they would ever do it in the future.
• Attempt at making intelligent conversation with the mongrels on the street.
• Ride to 7 Race Course Road, walk up to our PM, poke him on his nose and then go giggle giggle giggle...... [not that they would let me in, but hey I got a cold, so anything goes!]
• Repartition my hard disk at home and lose all the precious data over it and then mourn over it with a smile on my face and tell anyone who asks what happened "Just did it... swoooooosh".
• Hack the headline for the for the first lead to say something like "Beam me up reaper dude: Omar Sheikh"
• Ask colleagues to stick my home address on my back so that they can pack me back home even if I decide to ride to Bulandshahar instead of where I should be headed after work.
• Watch telly all night and not work at all and when asked what happened casually reply "Oops I forgot!"
• Rename my blog to either Meticulously Undercooked or Meticulously Underplugged.
• Gosh, ought to shaddup before they send for the straitjacket.

aaaaa........aaaa.........aaa...........TCHOooooooooooo!!!!!!! xcuse me :D