June 29, 2002


I do not like to watch TV anymore. There is not even a single bit of decent entertainment on it and news is frankly too depressing. Do not need to watch the same rubbish that forms part of my trade after ten hours at least on it.

At work the Beeb droning on in the background gave me more reasons to hate it with their 'independent' and 'objective' coverage.

The Beeb anchor was interviewing a Palestinian official at the UN following a report that Israel had occupied all of West Bank, put the whole area under curfew and had just blown up the Palestinian authority's Headquarters in Hebron. This is something like how the interview went.

Anchor: What do you think or how much do you think the Palestinian operation to protect its citizens seem to be successful.
Palestinian chap at the UN: Uhm... what operation? Palestine does not have any operation.

Any sensible person would have asked the same question to the Israeli people than the other party. After all how much can a government do that itself is under attack?

This is followed by a 4 minute piece on the famous baby suicide bomber photo. It starts with an interview with an Israeli think tank who says things that would imply that Palestinians in living in Garden of Edensque environments have nothing to but teach their kids to go and blow themselves up.

Next set of shots are interviews with a set of young Palestinian mothers who do not condemn the photograph. What they say is there is very little we can do to protect our children otherwise.

Even though I cannot possibly understand how once can knowingly blow himself up, I cannot imagine living in the conditions they are living in either.

The report ends with a 30 second bit on Hanan Ashrawai who is fighting a losing battle to educate people on the stupidity of this whole martyrdom angle that is creating more and more of the same human bombs.

Of course that bit would only be shown at the fag end of the report and yes the report ends with probably what is the most important statistic in the whole conflict. It said for every Israeli that has been killed in the conflict, three Palestinians have died and that incudes victims from the suicide bombings.

I really fail to understand how you can use brutal force to end something that finds its inspiration in precisely the same thing?

More reports, this time about how the US will not vote to extend the peace keeping operation in the Balkans unless they are exempt from the same Human Rights court where they are trying the war criminals from Balkans.

I must switch that TV off before I really lose it.