June 08, 2002


Have been getting very little blogtime of late. In fact for almost anything else other than work. Have gloated enough over it by myself so I would not torture anyone else to anymore of that. But I do miss they way I could write in the early days. I miss the conversations, the little discussions, somewhere I am missing it all. So I decided to give this a go. Realtime blogging. I am putting down what is coming to my mind as I am working -- No pre-planning nothing, I am just writing what is coming to my mind and I hope I do not say something that should not have been said and hope that the devil pays at least something for my mind, now that God has declined my gracious offer.

Had the most moronic of days by early Friday morning. The way in which things were progressing resembled more of those chain type crackers that you have on Diwali. In the first place, I was overshooting the deadline a decent bit. Then comes a blasted bug on CMS which my dear darling techies who coded it had never thought of. A tmp directory on the /usr block where php was installed was full, causing half the data that was not directly inserted into the PostgreSQL database to be chucked away. This meant that all the stories where I had put in the additional data was getting royally mucked.

Wait, it just gets better. Out of the blue, our main link decides to go fishing. It is a 2mbps fibre optic link that is our lifeline and with that the goes the SSH session that I was connected to the main server. So, time to fall back on back ups. Switch off the ISA client & DHCP, put in the static IP address and now on the glorious back up line that goes all the way from Delhi to Chennai before it gets connected to the Net. Fire up Putty again and the damn thing does not connect.

To double check I try FTPing to the server. Umm... yeah...... same result. Enlightenment! The great server admins have put ipchains rules that refuse connections from anything other than the IP block that we own on the main link. The stories that are online almost always as a rule contain errors, both content and design related, that need to be checked and cleaned. Since the php pages that show the full stories are cached, one often needs to delete the cache once the corrections are made. No FTP, no corrections. Now I am having a really bad day.

8 in the morning. I have given up totally. Called up the boss, told him this is the scene. Shot off emails to all n sundry who might be concerned about what all remains to be done and head for home. Home: humid, hot and no power. It teasingly comes on and goes again in 5 mins. The annoyance continues throughout the day. After roughly three hours of accumulated sleep over number of sessions I cannot bother to count and a quick clean up I am back at the desk.

Someone up there really loves me.