June 02, 2002

Currently Reading

The luxury of exile: Louis Buss. Started today. Looks decent. Not a historical work by any means, but the chap certainly has a knack for putting mundane things across in a very innovative way. But at times the putting across bit overshadows the whole plot. Something like starting out designing a car, then getting lost in making the engine too powerful and ending up having a crappy chassis to put the beast in. Nice engine, but a shoddy car mate!

The ABCs of CMS - Part IV: A must read for anyone who has anything to do with using or designing a CMS. Detailed, but done in very simple language, one of the first blow-by-blow article that incorporates workflow management too.

Tip: Keep your connection details in a separate include file than sprawling it across all your php files. Wonder how can such a good tutorial can make such a major goof up. Well, the way the author has done it will work too, but it is not a nice habit to learn as the day your database details change you will have to sit and change the connection details on each and every file that uses it and God save you if you do not use a persistent database connection. And, yep, as the author says there is no form validation, be wary, be very wary. Prevention at the form level is better than cure at the insert level.

ServingLinux IInd anniversary: Moshe Bar just completed two years of his column ServingLinux, gotten married, and is bored of his main compile rig [Dual Pentium III 900Mhz, 2GB RAM, Ultra SCSI], *very deep sighs*. Give me that rig any damned day, will have it for keeps!

As far as the article goes, it is on porting Linux code [most of the stuff runs on IA 32 now] to the Intel IA64 [The Titanic Itanic] Platform. To be very frank, with the severely restricted time that my geek alter-ego gets, it is a tad tough to digest, especially when it comes to kernel hacking, still it is worth a read, take a dekko if you are not technophobic.