May 20, 2002

Higher Purpose

These are some of the wild thoughts that came to cross the plain called the mind through a season of conversations with a good friend. Hope the season brings more storms as I belive I too am gradually being called to join the swelling ranks of the weekend bloggers.

Do we all live to satisfy a certain higher purpose? Am I being a waste of a creation as long as I do not take arms against corruption or change a million lives for the better? Am I lesser of a human being for I chose to just smile at a stranger looking sad today, making his/her day today than to take up the cause of a thousand downtrodden men.

Is a person who by being responsible to himself and taking care of his near and dear ones being any less of a hero than a general who liberated a whole nation? Is the faceless nameless freedom fighter who died under the oppressors's blows armed only with his courage any less of a hero than the other one who met a dramatic end after he blew away bits of the enemy?

We all have our differing levels of activity and intelligence and we perform according to that, but that does not mean that each act can be valued according the immediate impact of an action or its scale. It might be the case that a very popular and well known person feeds a single child in an orphanage with lots of drama is doing a lot of good that child, something it might not have otherwise gotten.

But at the same time a stranger helping another stranger in the middle of a crowded street makes a silent impact on the minds of all the other people in the street that they themselves are not aware of. In just one natural single act of compassion he/she has managed to touch more people in a way that even the most heart warming charitable action can ever do.

That does not negate the importance of the charities. They are needed too. But too many of us are holding back on little things looking for the bigger thing, 'the higher purpose' where they can make a worthwhile mark. There are people who perform these higher acts too. It comes naturally to them that is why they do it. After all, if I say I am as good as Gandhi... well I would have to first of all deactivate the comments, then run and hide in safe place least for the fear of getting laughed at.

In looking for this 'higher purpose' we waste our whole lives. We despair over it all our lives till the last living moment when we realise that the all the minutes, hours, days and years that passed before death held the chance for us to live up to this higher purpose. In other words, just living your life is your higher purpose.... nothing more to be said.