May 13, 2002


Yes, it is still in progress, slow progress rather due to lack of time. Checked out MoveableType, PHPNuke, Pivot, BlogWorks, Greymatter and Nucleus till now.

Most of them installs with differing levels of difficulties on both NT based webservers and Linux based ones, but the folks at MT could have made life a lot easier for the average TDH by packing in the external libraries too in the distribution. I will put up a zipped version of the external libraries up soon somewhere so that anyone wanting to get it running would not run into the same moronic install procedure as I did.

The positive about MT is that you do not need RDBMS support [often very costly] to run it, but where you pay is with performance as it is written in Perl, making life on load heavy servers a bit miserable. The other Perl based CMS, Greymatter refused to install on a Windows 2000 server, have not checked out how well it runs on Linux yet, or if it installs even. And there is a PHP interpretation of the RDBMSless CMS in Pivot, again it refuses to install on Windows 2000, will update with the Linux stories as and when I get the time.

PHPNuke is a wonderful thing to play around with, but it rates somewhere along with SlashCode and Scoop as far as complexity is concerned and should not be run by the average blogger or by the average webserver with joins and database queries a million miles long being the order of the day.

I absolutely loved playing around with Nucleus. The only trouble is setting up the basic database and dumping the primary structure and data into it, the install goes off as easy as a breeze and the speed is also more than okay. It can support blogs with reasonably big communities and is very simple to run. Runs both on Windows and Linux servers with PHP installed, one MySql database would be needed. My favourite till now :))

BlogWorks is the ugliest duckling of them all. Based on ASP it runs only on Windows based servers unless if you happen to be one of the fancy Linux servers with Chillisoft ASP on it. But once you get the hang of it, the looks can be changed by almost any one who knows HTML and have played with the blogger mark up tags. Yes ABes, the dummy post you made is still there on the test install. :D

Offtopic: I have been asking around about a bug in w.bloggar that does not allow me and a few others to fetch multiple posts from blogger due to some strange error and been told that it is due to issues on Ev's API server than having to do anything with w.Bloggar. Whatever it is, hope it gets fixed soon.