May 28, 2002


I have been running the excellent Mozilla RC3 and the horrendous Netscape 7.0 for roughly a week now. Guess which one got the dreaded uninstall wish granted? Yep, it is Netscape that got the boot. If all this while I thought M$ used to make the best bloatware around, this one takes the cake, kitchen sink and whatever else that can fit into the biggest truck you can lay your hands on.

First is the sinfully huge download of around 30 MB. I just asked for a browser and here I get Winamp, the clunky Real Player Basic suite which irritatingly asks you to register when you start it for the first time and is a monstrous pain the rear end when it comes to asking the registration to take a hike, add to that other cardinal sins like Real Download and the mother of all start up irritations Real's Start Center.

It frankly is very hypocritical that these guys can take potshots at M$ for bundling their own apps with the browser while look at what they themselves are doing. But not to worry, the whole damn contraption is so ridiculously slow that I do not see it ever beating the excellent IE6 [Yeah, yeah it is buggy, has a million security holes but it loads faster than most other stuff and supports most standards reasonably well, you gotta give credit where it is due]. So amen to Netscape, it was good fun when it lasted, the browser graveyard awaits you.

On the other hand, it is simply amazing how another product that uses the same codebase can perform so flawlessly and without the bloat that Netscape 7 comes with. Mozilla RC3 rocks as far I have used it. The only reason why I cannot use it full time is because it is still a bit slow compared to IE6 and there is a bug in the JS implementation which makes it difficult for me to use the CMS that we have in the office.

For an community project it has matured way beyond its depth and if anything other than Opera can take on IE it has to be Mozilla the way things stand now. Hats off to you guys at Mozdev.