April 18, 2002

The Squeeze

Was kinda shocked when I waded my way to News.com today. Another 20%-30% of the main table has been eaten away by a huge, scary, in your face, blooming, tall flash advertisement. Mommie I was scared!

Wonder how long it is before they are going to have just ads on the main page and the news as a pop-up window.

Yes, I too got hit by the Google API. Thanks to eagle-eyed TP, who informed me about it two days before it became the rage all over the web. Checked out a few of the PHP based implementations. Think I like what I see.

Since it is a beta service and a limited product as of now, I do not expect it to last for long and as far as the innovation element goes Blogger has a lot many more working implementations out there.

But what it does is to bring the power of web services to the mainstream and yep lots of free goodwill/publicity for Google. But you have to admit, not many firms will put up their main treasure -- the index of the webpages that they have, open to be used to by all and sundry [non-commercial all and sundry I must add ;-)].

To see a simple implementation of this just add on to your MSN messenger this id: googlematic@interconnected.org and message it with the phrase you want to search for. Warning: The bot often does not work because of the 1000 queries per day limit that Google has on now so the earlier you get there the better your odds are.