April 27, 2002


I guess the title is self-explanatory as to what this post is all about. FloatingCreeper has gone into hibernation over a post and the comments that followed it. This is not an apology note or please come back note. This is just an explanation of where I stand. Feel free to flame me, love me or hate me. But as sure as hell I am not going to shut this place down... well, as long as Ev lets me have it.

One, this is the public domain, you do not want people commenting on your blog then mark it private. Jot it down in your diary, but please not on a public blog. Being public you do not have any right to say this all that I will entertain. You cannot place a page on the net as public and then say "do not come here for so and so reason". Well, unless if you are hosting porn.

Of course, you will come across a lot of stuff that is not desirable, you will be misinterpreted as the norm rather than the exception. Hell yea, 90% of the time the things I write here are misinterpreted. But, the only responsibility that I have towards the reader is for me to be honest to myself, the rest I cannot and will not be bothered about. A while back, a fellow blogger, was royally flamed over what she had written. She offered an explanation as she thought she was grossly misread as it all came out very wrong, but we all lived on. Now, everyone has had the chance to understand her better and maybe she puts herself across better too now.

If we were to get only desirable responses, there would not be any need for the thing called as discourse. How wonderful it would have been if we were to agree with each other on all the things. But the basic reason why we as humanity has come the tiny distance we have travelled in all these years is because we have learnt to live with differences than to run away when we differ.

Coming to the issue, I had seen the post. In fact, I started the whole business starting by positing the first criticism. I also got to see the 'offending' comment. It was a bit overboard as far as emotion was concerned, but most of the points that were raised were quite genuine and if the message and the intention in the post according to what its author says is good, then he should defend it. Besides, the issue that was being discussed was not something very simple, it was very grave.

A lot of the things that went wrong in the world had good intentions. The US nuked Japan with the good intention of putting and end to WW II. They wanted to wipe out a certain race as another one was thought to be perfect and yes why not? we should only have perfection in this world. The concept of white man's burden is also rooted in the so called good intention. Yes they all were right standing in their own points, but they were also indefensible if you were to try and see everyone as equal, the point that FloatingCreeper and Socialism have as their core idea.

Now, I would not like such a noble idea to be counted among all the wrongs in this world as the author is scared of disturbing the general peace in the area. If a bit of ruckus makes the silence in the night more deeper, serene and peaceful, should we not be aiming for it than to hide in the shadows for the fear of being seen and heard?