April 09, 2002

Return of the blogfant terrible

After a week of partly unsuccessful attempts at making a multi boot of my new box at home I think I can say with some level of conviction that I am back. Well, the PC was not really the reason why the blogging was put on hold. It was that I simply did not want to write stuff just for the sake of writing.

There is a limit to which one can tell others that you brushed your teeth at so and so hours and other inane details.

On the other side it becomes a bit tedious if one is to confirm what one writes according to what the audience would like to see. There has to be a middle point somewhere.

But there is also the existence of a chain reaction somewhere in the blogging community. Very few blogs exist all by themselves. Most are part of a small community of blogs or are large ones having a huge community of readers who comment on them, keeping the discussions alive.

So, when bloggers like Ashok, Mahesh and the MadOne cuts down or completely stop posting, it does affect the average level of activity on the scene. Somewhere it soon starts resembling the chicken-egg question. Does the audience drive the blog or is it the other way round?

On the issue of the new rig at home, I too am stuck with a MicroModem at home and just saw at the company website that it is not supported in anything but the Win 9x series, not even the 2K series, so Linux support is better left unsaid. But I am going in for the safe option of a cable modem soon. It is too much of a hassle to maintain dial up accounts, with the expenses being a totally different story.

/.\ & FC: I do not want to keep a Tux distro for the ease of use, especially since I want to install the packages that I need from source and that too where I want to. Mandrake and SUSE are kind of going more the Windows way as far as burying the core is concerned. The maximum thrills I have had maintaining anything is Cygwin, just that on a dial up that is not possible to get the whole 200MB package.

Agreed, it is kind of like reinventing the wheel, but there is a hell of a lot of fun in it. Anything to work in it needs a bit of fiddling and tweaking. Think I need to check out Debian or the little red daemon some day for my primary set up at some other time. [My million apologies to Syl on the tech bit in the post, kya kare control hi nahin hota :-p and a huge welcome back to her :)]