April 22, 2002

The real power

This story, Athlon XP-64 phones home [please refrain from reading the article Syl :-p], on the Inquirer represents something very new in bringing publishing power to the average Joe sixpack on the Internet.

Till now weblogs were touted as the best solution as far getting the publishing power to the average person was concerned, but the major problem with weblogs is that with so many of them around you do not stand much of a chance getting noticed, especially if you are new to the Internet.

What is new about the story that the Inquirer has published is that it was written by one of the regular readers of the site. Now, what is so new about that? There have always been letters to the editor columns but this has to be a first as far as a reader getting to write what he feels like.

Yes, collaborative weblogs have always been there on the Net, but the point is Inquirer is run by Mike Magee, who is one of the most respected techie journalists in UK, and his small team. The site is anything but a weblog.

Well, why is this important? Picture this. In another two to three years the Indian blogging community becomes really big and the NYT wants to run an article on it. Normally they would have done an interview with the authority on the subject Dame Bora, but once the Inquirer phenomenon spreads she gets to write on NYT. A scenario that would be impossible in the traditional print world.

Now that is real power to the people.

PS: As far the writing quality of the article mentioned above goes....... it is horrible.......