April 28, 2002

A floating response

My essay was too verbose to fit into the comments window at at FC in response to this post and the comments that followed it. So it goes here.

1) fanatic animalness: Ahem, but that same animal is there in you and me too... If you can see that animal only in a deprived person, I'd suggest that you give up all the money that you have, stay hungry for a few a days and when you run out out of dust bins to dive into, you would see the same fanatic in you. I do not think you would fancy being fed shreds so that the state can be stable then.

2) I am with krishNA, who questions the setup: To be very frank I do give a flying beep beep beep [oops that was some uncalled for French] as to who questioned the set up. Mon ami, you and I are the set up. So if you have to question it, you have to question yourself. We are the system, the morons who have failed you are the same people whom you voted for. If you cannot vote down the same person, or convince enough people that he has failed you, it is you have failed the system and not the other way round. You just want to shift the blame on someone else.

Nice try, but it does not quite sell with me.. .. Amitabh spewing the same rubbish on screen for 3 hours is barely tolerable..... but this is.. uhm..... Now, my heart does not bleed profusely for any of these........ I am your average bloke trying to fool the system to let me have a comfy life, a system flawed by the people who run it [read you and me]. As long as I am not willing to move my lazy butt and vote the same ppl down... ... I do not have a right to crib anywhere... Geez you do not need to kill 34. 000 ppl to make Nanjappa happy mate, just dump your job, set up a small firm employ him, that is definitely easier than killing some 13 thou poor sods right? You can have all my valuable time to crib your heart out then.

3) It should all begin there. We as students have failed to do our most critical responsibility - ensuring a stable state: The schools also teach you to treat everyone equally, if the poor sod on the street is fed barely enough to keep the 'animal' in him calm, that is not equality, that is not a stable state.. that is slavery with a set of brain washers ruling the brainwashed.

4) A riggable-vote: You have a problem with people rigging the vote? Go to Purnea in Bihar and stop the rigging there if that is what bothers you so much. My point being do something than sit around and criticise the system. There will always be a better system like the better written book, but have you made that attempt? If not then shut up, we have more than enough people crying hoarse about all of this. For Chrissakes if you cannot survive in a democracy, where will you survive then?. It is the society that manufactures the political system not the other way round. You cannot blame the pot for being the shape it is in, blame the potter my mate.

5) ...business tycoons and all industrialists...: If they are line up one day, I will be ashamed of having letting them grow till there.... of having wasted my time blaming the system than doing something concrete....Well, that is if I was bothered at all with changing the system.... now that cannot be done over half an hour of relaxed thought with the morning cup of tea, besides this contradicts big time with the stability that you have been looking for.

6) THe US used biological weapons on its own men: Err.... where do you stand my dear pal....... one moment you are all with Krishna who thinks it is best to chop off all the people alive so that one definition is satisfied.... and then you go and criticise the person who does the same thing.... US did it coz it was standing in its own right..... To stop communism was its dharma... to protect the sacred capitalist shores of America. ..to provide the same stability that you so value..... now am i dreaming or is there something not so right here? This is my not so humble conceited opinion, cheerio ;-)