March 21, 2002

To the Blogsisters

I have a feeling this is going to be the next bombshell on the blog scene and it is not going to be pretty the way it is going to end. The basic issue has been acted out countless times in various channels of communication like IRC and other forms of chat before. Yessir I am talking about the Blogsisters [BS].

Maybe it is the lack of coherence in what is being said about itself or maybe it is because a lot of the time is spent in trying to say what it is supposed to be about that is creating all the problems. A classic case of the message itself making for most of the noise, oops!! there goes the signal drown the drain with all the noise, to borrow some communication theory jargon.

This point is proven by the bare fact that most of the posts on the page defend themselves for what they are standing up for or are responding to flamers on other blogs. There are so many different variety of "what we are" on the blog that one could almost rename it as

I guess the whole problem is with branding it as a women thingie. Going through the blog once one can make out that it means different things to different people.

The most original and genuine of the statements that I can agree with on what it is all about has been made by Christine Eliese in this way [the complete post]:

I?m not a writer; I?m a visual artist.

I?m not a feminist; in fact, I heartily disagree with much of what contemporary feminism stands for.
I?m not a techie; I barely know enough HTML to keep from screwing up my own weblog on a daily basis.
I?m not politically correct or on the cutting edge, I?ve tried to be and it just isn?t me.

Most of the issues she has cited in the against bit is very honest and true and as far as I can see the place simply is finding it tough to live up to what she wants it to be.

Below are a few pointers on what I feel have gone wrong:

The sister bit could have been easily avoided and the same applies for the "Where men can link but can't touch" bit. This has resulted in a gung-ho attitude, which I guess is totally unintended leading to some real unwanted attention. The result being the rebuttals that has made it look like a forum for responding to the flames that have been posted elsewhere. My point being why all the attitude if it is not about that and where does the fun bit go once it becomes such a forum?

What does the place really stand for?. Anita, has tried her best to group all that is being said about BS and again one opinion varies from another. I think the best way to solve the whole issue is to put up some kind of manifesto or an agenda to what it stands for by one of the founders and they story should not be carried on any further.

Jeneane Sessum says that the reason for the existence of the blog is that women are overlooked in most blogs when it comes to link exchange and witty comments. As far as I can see, this reflects the way the world exists.

BS, I can assure you, will not change that.

In fact, it will achieve the straight opposite effect of making an informal rule that women bloggers cannot hold their own anywhere else. I agree it is not easy, in fact this has been discussed to great lengths before on Kuro5hin [Damn good read]. But I have a feeling this is not the way to go about it.

A blog does not change the world, only real people acting as individuals [or humans should I say] not held back by the constraints of caste or sex or race with a real urge to make things better for themselves can achieve that. Anything short of that is just pretence or I shall use my favourite word -- a delusion.

Anyway, I do not think being gutsy in a safe corner does not speak loads about being independent and equal if that is what BS is all about. According to Merriam Webster the word equal means: : Like in quality, nature, or status, like for each member of a group, class, or society.

By that definition, feminism as defined by the BS concept fails. You have to fight it out in a common group to be an equal in the first place. The moment you segregate yourself to a comfortable corner you are immediately discriminating against yourself. At the end of the day the male dominated blogs are still there doing their thing, all you are doing is to sprout another discriminatory system.

The other reason of having a good time together is more understandable. But it would look a great deal more convincing if the women's liberation thingie is left alone.

If that is the case all I can say to the blogsisters is that ignore the flamers, go out and do your thing. And please do not make it a flame back forum for all the criticism that it has received and will keep on receiving. It is a good damn good idea if that is what it is, but do not let some gung ho message drown the basic idea with which it was started -- to have fun!

All the best