March 14, 2002


This is really funny, but most of the people whose blogs I have come across are Web designers. Scan through most sites/blogs and you will end up with a line that says somewhere "I design web sites for a living". I am not a web designer [I do design a bit, but that is not how I earn my living] even though my work involves a fair bit of html hacking. Another funny observation, most of these 'designer' sites are paranoid of using a bit of colour. It is pure white all over and yes! the dotted/dashed border [pot calling kettle black eh? ;-)]

On a related note, I really really hate those blogs which have just a tiny textarea like window to show their content. These people do not seem to realise that most of the readers will not come back again and again to ogle at the beauty of the design.

It is the content that matters and so long as you do not give it the display that it deserves it is really shooting yourself in the foot. Besides CSS/Layers are a sticky issue as far as browsers are concerned with different implementations in different versions of the same product. So if your content gets mucked up by the CSS you are in a lose lose situation. So use CSS, but in non mission-critical areas ;-)

When am I ever going to get paid for extreme self indulgence such as this? This, also from the SXSWBlog site reminded me of the old BBS with a nice touch of a sense of humour.

I am hovering somewhere in the region of extreme mental/physical exhaustion, which is the reason why there are not many updates here. Situation is not expected to get better in the near future. Will have to make/find time for this in some other way. Well it is 6:50 am, I have been sitting for 11 hrs straight now. Have to head out for home and catch some shut eye. Some other time.

ps: Doors - Come on baby light my fire on telly. Nice way to end my day, and yep need some lighting too badly, I am really outta fire now :-)