March 27, 2002

The joy of collaborative blogging!

Anand has been corresponding with me via e-mail for a while now on a nice idea that he came up with.

This is what he had to say:

“Why don't we start a central archival site specific to Indian bloggers as such, where we put the best of our previous articles ? In addition to that, maybe we can bring out a monthly magazine whereby all of us can write on a particular topic. One article in a month may not be an overload on your current workload and it will be interesting to see how you, Syl, Nidhi, Ashok, Anita, Charvaaka, Prabu etc etc tackle the same problem from different angles. It might lead to interesting and active debates and end up driving more visitors to the personal sites to get more of the same.”

“ article a month may not be much of an overload .. Normal magazines have the problem of design, layout and all the additional programming required .. In ours, content is the only thing that matters. Come to think of it, even a *new* article is not required. Every month each of one of us can pick at least one of his/her best blogs ( at the most three ) and put that up for greater focus, readership and debates ... I am not thinking of archiving every post.. I am thinking of archiving the best posts.”

I guess he deserves more than the half-hearted retorts that I have been sending back to him. What do you all think about the idea?