March 20, 2002


Till date I held this strong belief that people who make anonymous comments anywhere on the Net as the worst kinds of wimps out there. But yesterday that opinion changed and now I know there is a worse segment of people out there who comment in another person's name.

The comment in question was made on a post on Syl's blog. I was online for a while on Sunday, the time when the imposter had made the post and had browsed the blog on that day. But I distinctly remember not being able to come up with anything [not even the regular inane stuff] and just left without commenting.

On Monday when I went back there, I was surprised to see a new comment made in my name and was flabbergasted to say the least. Instead of ranting my head off in response to that comment, I mailed Syl explaining the situation to her and asked if she could log into Yaccs and send me the IP address of the imposter, which she graciously did.

This is what the whois results on the IP address looks like:

whois -h

inetnum: -
descr: ISP link in Mumbai -- JASUBHAI
country: IN
admin-c: IA15-AP
tech-c: VT43-AP
changed: 20010613
source: APNIC

As the results show, the IP block is owned by Jasubhai Multi Media in Mumbai and unless if someone has hacked into their proxy server/intranet, the person who made the comment did so knowingly. How can I be sure? All the commenting systems use cookies to remember the details of the last comment made[name, e-mail etc]. Since the IP address shows that the person who made the comment was in Mumbai [where I was not at that time] and in an office where I have never been, it would mean that he/she had to copy-paste the details.

I do not know what the intention of this person was and I frankly cannot understand why would someone bother so much. There is no way to stop this and other than for the person who owns the blog, there is no way for anyone else to figure out if a comment is from a person whom he/she claims to be. All I can hope is that this is all just a mistake.

UPDATE [Wed, Mar 20]: Whoever the loser that has been upto the nasty business of masquerading as me has been at it again with this sicko comment on Syl's blog.

This leaves me with just one option: To stop making any comments there. It is sad, but that is the only way I can stop being mistaken for someone who does not have the guts to make comments in his own name. So, any more comments that you see on her blog from now on will be not made by me if it carries my name, e-mail and so on. At least until I carry another update here telling you that it is indeed me.

Have some shame whoever you are.