February 24, 2002

Yet another list

Services and software I would not mind paying for

Yahoo!: Mail, storage, news, hosting. Name it and Yahoo does it all. I have been using its mail system for a few years now and I cannot remember maybe more than a couple of times when it has let me down. I particularly dig the ability to check my mail using a POP3 mail client.

Myrealbox: 10 MB e-mail box, supports IMAP, POP3 and Web-based access. Is reasonably fast and yep here is the clincher, no ads :)

RadioParadise: My kind of music, my kind of speeds, my kind of reliability.

Google & Teoma: Both look similar, speeds too are almost the same. Let the best man err spider win :)

Shoutcast: Net radio with the wildest number of streams. Can you imagine my current favourite is a Nepali folk song station?

Editplus: It has been almost three years since I was first introduced to this text/code editor. Came across it during my hunt for a better text editor that did not have as huge a memory footprint as NoteTab. Ever since I have been hooked and how! I have eradicated M$ Office from my system and all my code and word processing is done using this. Goodies list include damn good spellcheck and an in built facility to preview files.

GetRight: Number of files downloaded using Getright till date: 300; Total filesize: 5913.00 MB. Need I say more? :)

Winamp: Just an extraordinary legend.

K-Meleon & Opera: Two fast kickass browsers that leaves IE and Netscape far behind.

Vopt Me: Delete the silly Windows defrag and get this baby. She is fast and is damn good with a real nice set of features. Best feature being the ability to freeze the HDD while the scan/defrag is on so that it does not have to keep starting over and over again.

Leech FTP: I have not seen another FTP client before and after this one that can do 16 simultaneous file transfers from the same connection. The development on this real good software was stopped in 2000 still it continues to be my favourite. Warning: It is not liked by network admins for its ability to 'leech' all the available bandwidth. Still, cannot help but feel great when it transfers 70 files worth 2.5+MBs in less than 3 mins when it takes forever for WS FTP.

PolyView: The best graphics editor/convertor/browser that I have seen in a while.

WinRar: Winzip can take a hike. Rar is not quite as fast as Winzip, but is much more user friendly with better compression ratios. Besides you can browse archives as if they were being viewed with Windows explorer.

TopStyle: The best CSS editor you can ever ask for. Use it in combination with Dreamweaver and all that one needs is a bit of imagination.

Cygwin: Linux fun while running Windows :)