February 13, 2002

Ragtag Tech Bag

Show me the source
The states that held out against the settlement with MS in the United States have asked the judge to get M$ to show them the Window's source code [acc to News.com] so that they can verify if M$ is practicing what they said they would, that is to detach Windows components that often look like disfigured and attached twins at birth. Will we finally get to see code auditing at its worst?

Do we or do we not patch?
First there was a patch, then there was a patch for the patch, then came a super patch that should have patched them all, then the patch disappears, now the patch reappears, why do we even try eh? But then M$ is such quality entertainment, what would we have done without dear old Bill?

If you run any of the following software go here and download the superpatch.
Internet Explorer 6.
Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2.
Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1.
Internet Explorer 5.01 SP2 on Windows 2000 only.

I did and tests say that I am still vulnerable and M$'s browsercheck site did not think that I was vulnerable even before applying the patch. Maybe I should go there using some other browser than IE. ;)

Multiple vulnerabilities in implementations SNMP
Four in the morning, hard at work, to be rudely interrupted by the MSN e-mail alert with the subject line "Flash: Major SNMP vulnerability from CERT". Ignore this if you cannot make out the difference between SNMP and SMTP, otherwise if you manage any network remotely, take a dekko here. Or listen to El Reg's advice here.

This is really funny
Knowledge@Wharton, in this report, described the mental state of today's venture capitalist as one of More Caution, More Due Diligence, More Diversity. Fine, but it gets to absolutely funny when it quotes one of the chappies as saying: "We are more likely to invest for the long-term".

Lordie lord, what the hell did they think they were doing earlier when then were behaving like your archetypical high school geek-turned-day trader expecting to make millions on a single weekend? Really, it is so pathetically sad that these chaps who made the bad decisions are still employed while the average Joe who used to be employed by the fancy companies they helped to start is out there struggling to find a job and make a living.

Another Dot gone
G & L Internet Bank, the nation's only financial institution designed to serve the gay and lesbian community, will shut down within 90 days due to the tough economic climate and the challenges of stand-alone online banking, the bank said today.[from Msnbc.com]

Why do you need a separate bank if you are gay or lesbian? I am not the former and cannot be latter due to sexual constraints, someone who satisfies the criterion please enlighten me. My heartfelt condolences for the expired entity though. I vaguely remember the launch of the bank when it was said it will tap into the vast swathes of money that the heterosexual community has stashed in their closets [they said that, not me]. Moral of the story: The dotgone virus is immune from considerations of sexuality too.

What are Web services anyway?
Here is a nice read for the technically minded on XML RPC, SOAP and other protocols that drive webservices. :)

HT Tabloid
They managed one of the best dotcom fiascoes with Go4i.com during the heydays of the dotcom boom. Now they are back with another promising failure called as HT Tabloid. Even on our fast leased line [they tell us it is 2mbps] it takes ages to load, content has very little depth and there a million other places where you can look for pictures of semi nude women and sex advice for the forever curious. Looks like this is one media group that loves launching products that are sure to fail.