February 14, 2002


[Another of my old scribbles popping up here because of bad case of writer'sblog? ;)]

I am at peace with the world.

Of late I have become transparent from translucent. I understand everyone, I like everyone. Ranging from sympathy to pearly white understanding, I distribute my feelings to everyone. No extra charges, no returns expected... In short, no outstanding issues.

In water I see clarity, love among others give me hope, the air � a sense of freedom and so on. Pessimism has left me, sadness is alien to me, I am above sadness. Happiness even, for that matter. I am expanding you know, reaching out, embracing everyone and everything. I have become one with the world. A divine smile flashes across my lips...

Out of the blue a question stares at my face � Am I deluding myself? I guess the answer would be, yes I am. After all I have to be sympathetic to delusions too.