February 09, 2002

Of Nutscape and Internet Exploder

This was originally intended as a comment on Ashok's post on IE6's hang ups, but ended up being a tad too long to fit in there. So now you know what it is doing here.

1) I have been been using IE6 since its beta days. I hate to admit it, but it is stabler and faster than 5.5
2) M$ will always be M$, so do not complain if its bloatware that you have or if your product has a million holes, just count them as M$'s love for you and there will be no shortage of love in your life thereafter.
3) You can go here to check if your version of IE has been patched successfully, even though it does not check for a few of the new vulnerabilities, some of which are as bad as reading the contents of your hard disk.
4) Do not want IE ? Do not want bloated Netscape 6 ? Want run a bloat free browser that has a light footprint, will rock with Java if you have it installed and also runs flash?

Yep, there is a browser that does all that and more and that too at a cool 3MB download. K-meleon does not look all that impressive with its spartan tastes for menus and flashy buttons but there are a few things it does very well

      a) It is lightning fast, believe me folks Opera is nothing compared to this
      b) Being based on the Mozilla core, it supports almost all the functions that Mozilla or Netscape currently does
      c) Excellent security/privacy management, can stop pop-ups, ads, images without the use of any external software
      d) Runs Java
      e) Nifty feature in which a Ctrl+G brings up a pop-up while browsing, put in any text and hit enter, it will search in Google for you. Beat that I say!