February 03, 2002

No Go West!

I am often asked by all and sundry why don't you go abroad if you are not finding the appreciation and and satisfaction in your career or academics here? Was reminded of the question again today when I read another of Ashok's gems.

For one I believe it is better to live as a King among one's own people than to live as a pauper among strangers. It really saddens me at times to see all the NRI's with their oh so fancy accents and westernised mannerisms trying so hard to be one of them and never reaching there. Add to this the totally ridiculous fact that so many of them like Varsha goes beating about their chests to go out and flatten whoever and whatever that does not fit in with the majority's viewpoint here and also the gung ho 'kill em all' attitude that is so popular amongst them.

The worst I have heard is from a chat pal who has not been to India for a 13+ years but plans to donate computers and money to people spread over the Polynesian islands so that they can communicate better and he does not have one good word to say about India. If you apply the same rule that not voting takes away your right to criticise the political system, people who do not give back or participate back here also do not have a right to complain. No one is forcing them to make a difference here, it is really up to individual choice. But then lay off please [OMG that sounded like Mushy :p].

It is all so easy for them to sit in their comfy and cosy apartments and villas and to support such views, because in the end its the average person on the dirty streets here that pays. Ask them how many have ever been victims of a communal riot and therein shall lie a very simple truth that so long as it does not happen to you, in front of you any form of hawkishness is cool.

Pardonne the digression, but had to rant a bit ;) What is a blog sans some rants eh? But, really I absolutely love this country for its character. Things refuse to work here as a rule everyday and still the people get on with their lives with a smile on their face [at least most of them I know do] and in the end I guess that is all what matters, the heart. Besides at least the majority of them do not consider Oprah Winfrey or Ricky Lake as the keeper of their morals, which in itself shows better maturity maybe.

I am under no illusion that all the things in this country are great. Given a choice I would not rather travel through Bihar if I have to make it to anywhere in the North East or even totally avoid going to that state. [The politics of underdevelopment in India is a totally different cuppatea] I hate it when there are frequent power outages, the amount of paperwork that is needed to get my simplest and the most basic right of being able to vote shifted from where I used to stay to where I have been for the past three years.

I do love Barista, their overpriced coffee , my Reebok sneakers, Lee denims and so on. My heart does not melt when I see a poor person on the road. I simply am not that kind whose fake tears flood the junctions when they see such people. I just plain like this place. Any problems with that?

I think I shall conclude by saying that, yes I am confused and lost but maybe I am better off being confused and lost here than there, right?