February 20, 2002

The List

I love movies that tell a story. It is almost like cuddling up with a good book. I have made up a list of the movies that I have loved watching over the years. I am not a movie buff nor do I ascribe to any school of thought that says a movie must be only be made in a particular manner. The lone consideration that has gone into this list is that I would not mind watching these movies over and over again.

I love Robert Redford, period. The man knows how to make self indulgent movies and make it look good at the same time. Other than his Sundance franchise he has made some of the movies that I love the best. The first Redford movie that I got to see was A River Runs Through It. The film is just brilliant in the way it was shot, an excellent narration backed up by top class acting from Brad Pitt and Tim Robbins who plays his elder brother.

Horse Whisperer was not something great as far as a film goes. But it was excellently shot, more of the Redford magic, where the way he shoots the vast expanse of green itself has an impact on you. It almost says there is something more about life than what I know now, which makes it worth living.

There is something about Brad Pitt. No, I am not hinting at the chocolate boy-toy image of his, but the fact that the man has some intensity in him. I have been following his movies off and on ever since A River Runs Through It and he just gets better and better every time.

One of the best roles of his that I still remember is the lawyer, Michael Sullivan, that he plays in Sleepers. Set in the New York City's infamous Hell's Kitchen, the movie revolves around the four childhood friends who are raped at a juvenile detention center and the revenge they take after ten years. The cast, other than for Pitt and Minnie Driver [Drooooool!] is not anything great but they do well all that matters - to act well. Other notable performances of Pitt that I have liked are in Se7en, Legends of the Fall

Another director whom I respect a lot is Oliver Stone. He wrote and directed one of my all-time favourite movies, one that I cannot stop watching even after I have been through it more than a dozen times � Platoon. The movie was so well made that the brilliant acting by the young Charile Sheen as Chris the newbie, William Dafoe as Elias and the rest of the cast just succeeds in only adding more lustre to a product so well researched that even robots would not have made any difference. Often misinterpreted (and given hell too by the critics) for the way violence is portrayed in it, Natural Born Killers and JFK rounds off my favourite movies of Stone.

To finish off the long winding explanations of movies and people I love we have the unconventional Daniel Day-Lewis. From the nondescript but funny and enjoyable My Beautiful Laundrette to the spastic quadriplegic painter in My left foot his movies make for some viewing. Always is a must watch as far as I am concerned.

The List
Horse Whisperer
A River Runs Through It
Legends of the Fall
Shawshank Redemption: Top notch performances by Tim Robbins and Samuel L Jackson and a brilliant story by Stephen King.
The Green Mile
Heaven & Earth
In Custody: Anita Desai rules, except for her latest book Fasting, Feasting, which is a sham.
Maya Memsaab: Based on Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary. Cannot help but love the way she is played by Deepa Sahi.
Sardari Begum: Dreams do go wrong.
Michael Collins
Rob Roy: Braveheart sucks in comparison!
Blue Sky: Jessica Lange, Tommy Lee Jones, need I say more?
Leaving Las Vegas: Nicholas Cage does act well as an aberration and what can I say about Liz Shue. sigh!
Dead Man Walking: Just a few reasons, Shawn Penn acting out of his skin, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, the one and only Late Nusrat and Eddie Vedder with one of the best ever fusion score ever done.
Philadelphia : Tom Hanks in his best performance to date.
Reservoir Dogs: Can't help but love Quentin Tarantino
Pulp Fiction: Tarantino Again
My Left Foot
In the Name of the Father
With Honors: Cute movie, the real reason -- Moira Kelly :)
The Lion King: Best 2d animation movie ever made.
Antz: Best 3d animation movie ever made.

Sad to have missed these
Metroland: Based on Julian Barnes's novel. My favourite author.
Hearts in Atlantis Another Stephen King non-horror movie, which should be a treat to watch.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being: Milan Kundera, Daniel Day-Lewis and the beautiful Juliette Binoche.
Crash: Loved the book, love the author, love Holly Hunter

ps: All the links go to the Internet Movie Database