February 21, 2002

Link Raking

Lend me some $$s please: According to the Beeb, Formula One's commercial rights are up for sale. That is something I always wanted on my living room shelf. So come on, chip in with your bit, the bucket is still empty. ;)

This, "Some Thoughts on the Economics of Terrorism" really is one monstrous troll, something like what I had subjected my History/Eco profs to while I was in college. Read only if the only pastime you can think up of right now is to bang your head against a wall. Funny bit is how K5 picks such amazing horrors up from time to time.

I joined the Evolt mailing list because of the Mad one. But the traffic there is so heavy at most times that I am considering unsubscribing. But the stuff out there is really good from time to time, so I do not want to either. Think I will go back to the 'delete if I cannot read and read them otherwise' routine.