February 01, 2002

Follow up

Whoa! some response to the 'delusional' post. I am being flamed left right and centre. Some clarifications were needed so I thought I might as well save you all the horror of reading long winding posts on the stupid blogback window.

Ashok: What is reality? When you are having a delusion, whatever that may be, the delusion is real... isn't it? Though the subject of your delusion may not be...
And public perception of reality may in fact be a mass delusion, like, many believe, religion is...

If a delusion you have is comforting and reality tormenting, and that delusion is causing no harm to anyone, and you are ready to face the consequences of indulging in your delusion... i don't see anything wrong with it...

Me: Touche! Same is my belief, What I am getting at is to see if it is possible to apply it in a purely personal sphere with behaviour that might not necessarily be termed as sane in this world. And I cannot agree more that reality is just delusion backed by strength in numbers.

Arun: But it is bad. Bad because it is not and cannot be permanent. You will always wake up from your dreams, and when you wake up you are at total loss. A situation worser than where you started. You would not want that to happen right?

Me: Hmmm...... Arun, was your first crush permanent? But still you would not call it bad right? The girl maybe did not even know it. So it just exists in your mind. If it was permanent, you are one lucky dude ;)

Syl: If you yourself are sure that what you're harbouring is only a "delusion" .....then where does the question of believing in it arise?

Me: Because it is comfortable? You can have uncomfortable delusions too that you might not want to believe in :)

More Clarification: Please do not take this as an approach to real life, it is just an odd fleeting moment of lateral thinking driven by a bolt of existential crisis. :-)