February 28, 2002

Demise of the vulture

We can safely assume by now that The Register is dead. Other than for the entertaining spats that Thomas C Greene seems to pick up with all and sundry every now and then, the site seem to have become one lost cause. After the unceremonious departure of Mike Magee [Great Interview, read it if you can find the time] from the team the site has become a sort of drab weblog which really does not justify the standing that it has in the community.

Accepted, they do not have the resources to break stories like Cnet or Newsbytes but what used set El Reg apart from the rest was the unique perspective/spin it used to put on its stories. This has all but disappeared now.

Stories which had been broken a long time before by other networks [the php bug story appeared almost a full 24 hours after the other networks picked it up] are carried a long while later, which are nothing more than rehashed PR releases. For a while I had thought that this was just a passing phase, especially with the troubles they have had trying to stay afloat, but each passing day seems to convince me that the old Reg is as good as gone.

Meanwhile, Mike Magee continues his excellent work at the The Inquirer, which concentrates more on what he knows best -- the hardware industry. It does not often make for entertaining reading for the not-so-technically inclined, but I guess it is better than the rehashes and rip offs that the Reg seems to indulge in.

For now, my daily news browsing begins at The Inq than El Reg. It was great while the Register lasted, rest in peace. Amen.