February 06, 2002

Blogbuddy Alternative

I have been using Blogbuddy to do most of my postings to Blogger for a while now [Aside: Actually it was the need for a Blogger account to test Blogbuddy that led to all of what is here now :p].

It was very simple and easy to use but was way too feature-dry to to make my desktop-blogging experience not so memmorable, especially due to the lack of an option that allows you to fetch and edit previous posts, the way it is possible with the LiveJournal's desktop client. Now all that has changed and Blogbuddy has been banished from my desktop for a spanking new tool called as TextRouter.

The new shortcut window in Text Router [click for a bigger pic]The best thing about TextRouter, developed by Simon Kittle is that it can post directly to both Weblogs [Or any Frontier based service with XML RPC service enabled] and Blogger too. Support for LiveJournal is promised in the near future. Other goodies include the ability to download and upload templates to Blogger and a feature-rich ManiaSites administration menu.

But what blew me away was the shortcuts feature. The only similar feature that I have seen on any other blogging client that till now is the macros that the Frontier scripting engine Radio.Userland has. But that is a tad too geekish for the normal user as the enormous possibilities of the Frontier scripting engine is a slightly complicated to be exploited by them.

The way the shortcuts work is simple, you create a new shortcut and add the text, or even HTML code, that the shortcut is supposed to replace and save it. Wherever you want the text to appear you give the name of the shortcut in double quotes.

For example if a shortcut 'copyl' has been assigned to the text "All these are mine and mine alone", wherever you mention "copyl" in the text will be replaced by the string, eliminating the need for retyping of sentences that are used frequently.

Not the greatest invention on Earth I agree, but one of those nifty little features that makes a weblogger's life a tad easier and maybe is something that points at the direction of a complete blogging suite someday? Imagine a combination of Blogthis and Textrouter eh?

Other note worthies include the send e-mail feature that allows you to send some snippet that you found interesting without having to fire up your e-mail client all over again. For a more complete look at its features you can take a dekko here.

Off Topic: Has anyone tried inserting a table inside the posts into blogger sucessfully?. Please let me know if you have :)