January 16, 2002

Wednesday musings

Jason Perlow, president of systems integrator Argonaut Systems told eWeek. "Microsoft could be releasing patches to patch the patch -- who knows what they're doing at this point." [from SVtech] When you hear people talking about a company in these terms it really convinces you that they deserve all the 'praise' they have been getting. I mean a patch is understandable, but a patch for a patch?

And to imagine that this is the firm who wants you to trust all of your personal data with them. Their Windows Update service [A service that gets suggests the patches and updates that your system lack] had been down for the better part of this week. As of writing this it is up and running now but a tad slow. The question is what happens if your personal data is handled in the same manner?

SVTech and Dan again and this time its his take on the dotcom bubble and the Enron saga in a much wide perspective. Capitalism is fuelled by greed, but ultimately it requires trust. The insiders who pull their tricks on the rest of us are making it harder and harder to believe in the equities markets, says Dan. Lordie lord is Dan turning into a commie now? Will neo communism come out of the closet in America. Imagine Dubya quoting Marx. Now that will be something eh?.

Newsbytes reports that the .name top level domains are going online from today. Welcome to another mega round of domain name litigations and so on... One bad idea this is if you ask me for the domain name monopolies to milk ego maniacs.

The latest issue of New Yorker carries two very good articles. One on the lost city of Herat in Afghanistan by Christopher De Bellaigue. A simple write up sans all the politics and diversions,one can even call it semi surrealistic. The second is a filmography on Dame Judi Dench.

This is why I am not a geek, because I would rather be here than there.

Why the hell is K5 so slow now? And this is a riot...... though not front page grade post.

Yep the tiff with the pal is reasonably sorted out :)