January 13, 2002


Chances of saving a friendship=almost zilch
Fatigue level=very very high
Mood=Pissed but hanging on

Okay, its early Sunday morning. Work is finally done, it has not been a good day at all. Been slogging away for ten plus hours at one go. Alone too. An ole colleague played a real nasty one on me. Have to let that and the person go from the thoughtspace. My body hurts, need sleep.

At times I have no clue why I am such a sucker for punishment..... Have you ever heard of people being nasty to you because you are not nasty or rude or inconsiderate...... Strange are the ways of the world indeed. I so need to switch my life to something else.

Had a feeling I was going to hit the downs again.......... Been struggling against the flow with almost all the people around me going down, doing the chin up thing and so on. It is but kind of unrewarding though. Because all it takes is something small.

I am not making much sense ain't I? Cannot be blamed...... I am dead beat..... no Net no posting on days off from work..... planning to go for a concert tomorrow...the condition I am in... I have no clue if i can make it though.