January 02, 2002


Am still picking up the debris. It had to crash, excess baggage in loads and it did. Its still scattered all over..... and people who were near got splattered with it...

I am picking up all of it, throwing it into a room, locking it firmly shut behind me.

Something that you cannot see, cannot be there. Something that you do not look at, you cannot see.

I do not want to see it any more, just shutting down a part of myself, do not want it with me.

Hope it will die with time, even otherwise I do not care, so long as you keep the wound under loads of dressing and not look at it ever you will get used to it and forget that it ever exists.

Call it a resolution or whatever, what has been happening in the recent past with me will not happen again, think i am better off without the humilation.......