January 22, 2002


The new media offers you a certain level of freedom that is not possible with the conventional one. The best examples for this are of course weblogs, media houses like El Reg whose style of journalism is unconventional to say the least and of course the one and only FuckedCompany.

But how long all these would last is a another matter altogether. The scenario right now reminds me of the flower power era when everything (yes including sex) was for free. Servers.......bandwidth... warez, you name it..... we had it all too, the new economy equivalent of whatever they had. But the era did not last and so will not this one. So if you do not find this blog here after a while when even blogger will go bust.... I will have the pleasure of telling you..... I said so :) Still, the amount of freedom it gives you is tremendous. But even that is disappearing if you care to ever look at the moronic documents which you have the pleasure of just scrolling down without even the least amount of care called as the terms of use. Most of these are so craftily worded that any content you put up on a website does not ever belong to you, other than when you say something defamatory.

Well, yesterday it was the weirdest breaking story, now as usual when the whole shebang has gone nowhere they come out and deny it all. Yes its official now...... AOL was just flirting with Red Hat in a hot tub with fine wine and the works and there was no chance of a long-term relationship in it... just a one night stand :D. Have to say rightly so because it beats me what the hell would AOL be doing with Red Hat in the first place. The normal world equivalent would be a trucking company trying to buy over a huge poultry farm just because poultry forms a part of the things that they deliver and hell yea its shopping season. Update: Had to add this in. For a realted line on this topic check this real inane discussion on k5.

Love him or hate him. but Tom C Greene is the man to have in a publishing house if you are looking for trouble. Excerpt from his latest quip on El Reg: "....but managed to get derailed by a single girlfriend who I later married because I couldn't think what else to do with her." Derogatory to women? Yes. But man this guy has some sense of humour. Get the whole article here [notice: not the for the non-geek hearted].

Back in my personal world things have been chugging on with the usual boring trauma... thrills and uneventfulness that has become oh so normal now. Managed to piss off a close pal [wots new eh?] inane parleys on the concept of zero in existence when I should be catching up on precious sleep in the daytime continues.... nicotine intake is on the rise [tho its milds now than the regular one, i console myself], system has been alcohol free in the presence of a litre+ of the stuff..... [yeaaaaa!!!] :)) career as usual stares down the void.... and kinda getting used to it. I guess i am also growing up to be incompetent eh? Been through the umpteenth ../configure, make, make install, install routine of the routine webserving suite on Cygwin on my rig. Getting a sniff of success finally! More madness next time around!