January 14, 2002

The 'Google effect'

Sort of like the term.... Tho at the rate at which it is going, it might even be called as the Kim effect. The term has been coined by Dan Gillmor of SV.

It is funnily enough an inadvertent result of the new ultra powerful crawling bots that the serach specialists firms have now. Well, to cut a long story short, it does not need a hip TLD to get your information across because of these search engines.

Sunday was kinda nice..... did attend the concert.... was not great by any means but made for a welcome break from the regular routine. Watched a movie at the cinema after ages too - The Princess Diaries. Was a cute movie if you cut out the "I can serve the world better" bits from a 16 year old's mouth. And of course Julie Andrews rules!

The grind calls........ gotta get back to it......