January 08, 2002


Posting after a long long time...... In maybe a first for the whole time on this blog I am happy!!!!! For no special reason, its kinda cyclical i guess..... like a catheriene wheel.... come down for a while and go up.

Well, there are a few reasons I guess. Just gave up on outstanding issues, there is not much i can do ab't them, so just left em to get worn and the shores of time, let us see how they come up. And mebbe i am getting comfortable in my job.... growing upto be incomepetent? who cares it does not offer me much in return.... so i do not really have to give my life to it eh?

was asked by vij today why there are no happy entries in this journal....... well i dunno, i scribble best when i am in a state and do not feel like anything when i am happy......wot do u think? i am a selfish pig na? ah keep all my happiness to myself.