January 14, 2002

Am i Geek or not?

Something that constantly has got me wondering all the time.......... Am i a geek? The answer is no.. I do love technology and coding and the inner workings of a lot of things but I do not think my idea of a decent life is spending hours in front of a console looking at obscure lines of code.

Work takes up most of my time and that is a serious issue coz ideally I'd like to spend most of the time at home with my books, music and of course tech. The dream scenario would be working freelance, a broadband enabled network and approx 4 rigs to play with. ;) not quite a geeky ask na?

Could have been way way worse you see, I could have asked for a Gigabit LAN with DSL routers, Quad Xeon boxes UltraSparcs and Octanes and the works.

But i am not....... so get moving asap and send in enough moolah to get me at least the first option. k?