December 20, 2001


Sometimes loss can be the best of things that can happen to ya. After a long while I think I have decided for real to make a move. Not to wait for people, their lives, emotions etc.... These all are wot I have on offer.... take it or just walk away... you are important to me but I refuse to have my life depend on that.

Decided to let someone go..... Kinda feels so funny to have that happen again.. so familiar the whole process has become.... but i do not know.. i need more from ppl and their lives, its charitable etc being in the backgroud for ppl and to be good entertainment for them once in a while but i cannot he honestly expected to have my life depend on that.

People say i am changing.... mebbe i am. No i defenitely I am. I also need to survive. Maybe its permanent. Maybe you all will hate me after this. But its a fact and life does not deal in fantasies.... just fact and fact remains..