November 09, 2001


Somewhere there has to be a point to all this. When and where i have no clue, do not ask me but i am sure there is or i must at least delude myself there is.

there are 24 hours in a day and the number of hours that i am happy or that i think i am happy is like almost zero. It's a wonderful world with multi-colored madness in it. Nothing is stable in it. People colors moods. One fantastic painting.

Someone hung up on me bcoz i was tryin to be funny........... and i was not offending anyone... mebbe i was offending just myself......... and she slammed the fone down...... why? and have not heard from her since....... life will never make sense to me..... like the song goes "the more i know, the less i understand"

my daily routine as a graph resembles some wild goose chase, even by the time i reach the first node i am a loss to where my initial objective was ot is it that i do not have one at all?