October 29, 2001


Do i? Do i not? I want to but i do not want to.............. she gets me going sky high....... but am scared of heights too........ the world looks amazing from there.......... still am scared...........


October 27, 2001

Who the f@^k Am I?

Not that it really matters......

People tell me I am a journalist by profession.... but I am not really sure. It could all be a conspiracy you know. I am a hack in all senses of the word, chopping other's copies to shreds, getting mine chopped by others, packaging stories, general website management, usability and navigation, aaaaaaarrrggghhhhh....... the works in short :) Spare time is consumed by reading, tech (I code my two bits) and chatting in a room (hosted on the server with the ip addie Pssst....... the server runs Eshare Expressions 4.0 for webserving and the chat management and is hosted at VSNL Mumbai ;)), the name of which according to Merriam Webster means: a furtive flirtatious caressing with the feet (as under a table).

Sex: O�>

Age: Classified Info :-/

Turn ons: Music, sex, women, poetry, desolation, a good book to cuddle up with, motor sports, computers, people, places, words, images, life, sadness, joy, emptiness, Julian Barnes, Asterix, Garfield, Umberto Eco, simple people, rain, water, moderate perversions, long train journeys, winter walks, Sylvia Plath, Robert Redford, Oliver Stone, Rage Against The Machine, SoundGarden, Mark Knopfler, Pink Floyd, Temple of the Dog, Sting, Mazzy Star, Nitin Sawhney, Kishore Kumar, Anita Desai....what the heck eh? the whole deal.

Turn offs: Back stabbing, not keeping one's word, lying to please, Linda Goodman, M&Bs, hooch, Anu Malik, bad breath, forwards in my personal e-mail address, hangovers on a Monday morning, being back in the cancer stick habit after staying clean for 2 years and the inability to kick it now, Missy Elliot.

Location: Latitude : 28.38 N Longitude : 77.12 E
Saturday and at work, well what is new? of course nothing is.... People still keep dying in the world (mostly innocent) the rich and the bastards thrive. bosses work for less and get paid a lot more... the drones keep humming, afterall the economy needs to function, the world needs to move on.........

Sleep as usual is elusive, been clocking like 6 hrs of sleep in 3 days, not a very good move if u consider the fact that I have to keep up during nights because of my work...... Tomorrow is my precious hours off...... considering gettin sloshed actively, been two months since i have done that!! Am i getting domesticated finally? ;)